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Want to start analyzing potential investment properties, but don’t know where to start?  This is the spreadsheet I use to analyze all of my Long Term Rental, Mid-Term Rental, and Short Term Rental opportunities. Understand the potential Cash Flow, Appreciation, Debt Paydown and Depreciation of every property you analyze to ensure you are uncovering its full potential.


Don’t waste your time researching what to buy to furnish your short term rental. Check out my list of recommended items and get a head start when setting up your Short Term Rental.

Additional Resources

Below are links to companies and platforms that I partner with. Note: I may receive a referral fee from some of these affiliates, which helps support my YouTube channel and helps you achieve your real estate investment goals.

 Click HERE to earn $40 when you create a listing on AirBnB.

Hospitable is the platform that I use to manage all of my short term rentals. It’s easy to use and integrates to all of the top pricing and other management tools. Click HERE to join and earn. 

PriceLabs is a dynamic pricing tool. Rates adjust automatically based on local demand. I have found this tool to be more accurate than those built directly into sites like AirBnB. Click HERE to join and we’ll both earn $10.

Vacasa offers property management services in most markets. They aren’t always the most affordable, but in the markets where they are competitive fee wise, they can be a good option. If you’d like to support my channel, shoot me a note via the “Connect with Me” button found in the top right corner of this page and I will put you in touch with a Vacasa agent for a no obligation conversation.

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